Make Disciples                            "The Comforter"    John 16:7 KJV
The Method Methods revealed on this site include many of the methods of holiness used by the early methodists.

                                            How is God making disciples today?  

The Bible teaches that God is the same yesterday, today & forever, and so it makes since to believe that God would disciple people, yesterday and today in similiar ways.  This is currently the case if you know where to look.  

 Prevenient Grace from God the Father.

 Justifying Grace from God the Son, 
 Jesus Christ.

 Sanctifing Grace from God the Holy Spirit, 
The Comforter.

Today there are excellent ministries for people who have received prevenient grace from God the Father.  Jesus taught, "no man can come to me, except the Father w hich hath sent me draw him:" John 6:44
 When God the Father draws someone, the church should provide  a ministry for this prevenient grace.
    In the 1700's the Methodist Society offered the Methodist Class Society. Prevenient Grace is the grace that goes before.
Today, a ministry with similar qualities is Alpha
The Methodist Class Society of the 1700's  and Alpha today,  are both;  mixed with men and women together,   have a leader of the small group,   and provide the participant with the opportunity to get started on spiritual development.  
The disciple must have a small group to reveal personal spiritual experiences, and hear others with the same spiritual grace. Alpha is an international interdenominational ministry, and provides an excellent opportunity that is recommended for every christian by 


After participating in a Methodist Class Society for a period of time the members would experience conversion and have a justifying grace experience, with God the Son, Jesus Christ.  
The Methodist Society would then offer a ministry for this grace, and  it was called the Methodist Band Society.  This was a gender specific small group of 4 to 6 persons, divided by marital status if possible and would meet for a long period of time and focus on inner holiness. 
Today, a comparable ministry is the general issue Celebrate Recovery "Step Study ".   The Celebrate Recovery "Step Study"  provides an opportunity for men and women to meet in gender specific  groups and work on spiritual development over a period of many months, and find healing in the scripture verse, James 5:16.  The Celebrate Recovery general issue step study is like the early methodist  Band Society.  The Celebrate Recovery general issue step study is also an international interdenominational ministry that is recommended for every single christian person by


After participating in a Methodist Band Society and working on inner holiness Methodist Society members, would have an experience with God the Holy Spirit , receiving sanctifying grace.   
Jesus taught that when he left he would send  another, the Holy Spirit,  the Comforter, see John 16:7 KJV. 
The ministry for those with sanctifying grace from God the Holy Spirit was called the Methodist Select Society.  It was called the Select Society because the members were selected by John Wesley to be part of it. There were  5 guidelines but no leader of this Society meeting, each person was asked to bring something that would be beneficial for everyone attending.  They would  "press on to perfection" as quoted by John Wesley founder of the Methodist Socieites.  After John Wesley died in 1791 slowly the select socieites were replaced with perfect love circles.   
Today a comparable minsitry is,     PLAN  Perfect Love Available Now. 

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